Foam sheets – ONGROPACK PVC

ONGROPACK, a well-recognized manufacturer of advertisements, offers the best choices for luminous advertising. These are high-performance, ultra-soft surface PVC panels that have been adapted for contemporary advertisements.

This product is usually chosen for advertisement projects where lightweight, but durable, products are required. This flameproof, sun-impermeable and extremely easy-to-use PVC foam material is the best choice for both outdoor and indoor advertisements.

We usually offer our customers a choice of high class and extra-white PVC foam panels when they are looking for the best solution for indoor and outdoor advertisements:

  • posters
  • stands
  • volumetric advertising elements
  • luminous advertisement elements

Prices are in table!

Technical information

Manufacturer/BrandSheet FormatThickness, mmDensityColorPrice m² (without VAT) Eur
Ongropack2050x30501 mm0.52 g/cm³White2.26 €
Ongropack2050x30503 mm0.52 g/cm³White3.56 €
Ongropack2050x30504 mm0.52 g/cm³White4.74 €
Ongropack2050x30505 mm0.52 g/cm³White5.84 €
Ongropack2050x30506 mm0.52 g/cm³White7.18 €
Ongropack2050x30508 mm0.52 g/cm³White10.23 €
Ongropack2050x305010 mm0.52 g/cm³White11.99 €