Galime pasiūlyti UV spaudos sprendimus tiek ant kieto, tiek lankstaus paviršiaus. Spausdiname ant medienos, stiklo, plastiko, akrilo, odos, lipdukų, dirbtinio akmens ir kitų paviršių.

UV Spauda

UV Printing

The quality and distinctive features of print products depend not only on the materials, but also on the techniques used in their production. UV printing allows us to try various techniques and to create original print products. Another strength of UV printing is that is works on various surfaces and ornaments, and it transfers photographs and text, with a wide range of colours and fonts.

This printing technology enables us to convey bright, colourful, graphically expressive images, text and figures on various surfaces. Products printed in such a way are durable and of a high quality. By using UV printing technology, we can implement orders and prints with a wide range of profiles. Therefore, this is the best choice for non-traditional, original projects. We can offer UV printing solutions on both hard and flexible surfaces, and we can print on wood, glass, plastic, acrylic, leather, stickers, artificial stone and other surfaces.

Our available technology allows us to offer high-performance UV print products. The UV printing is performed with the most modern Handtop HT3020UV FR8 printer. This is an exceptional machine that enables us to implement the projects precisely and as quickly as possible.

  • The printing is performed on surfaces of a width that does not exceed 3.05 m x 2.05 m and with a thickness up to 100 mm.
  • We ensure a 1200*1200 DPI print resolution
  • The printing speed can reach 54m²/h.

All of this ensures the implementation of projects and individual products of the highest quality and accuracy.

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