CNC Milling, UV Print and Cardboard Cutting

Milling | Printing | Cutting

With us it is easier – cnc milling is done with the Mecanumeric 4050 (we have 3 machines), uv printing with the Handtop printer, and cardboard cutting and creasing with Esko Kongsberg x44. Material issues can also be solved very easily, as we work with the largest Lithuanian suppliers of raw materials, so you can leave this stage of work to us as well.

Quality Milling

With brand new cnc machines and experienced operators, we guarantee quality cnc milling. With us forget poor service.

We work fast

We understand how valuable your time is, so we respond to emails and calls right away, and finish any given jobs on time.

Great possibilities

The CNC milling table is 4050mm and the uv press table can serve up to 3020mm panels. Tables are vacuum and brand new.


All products are carefully packed to ensure that it will reach you without any damage. We maintain 99.99% cleanliness in work.

Feel free to ask us any questions

CNC Milling

Fast and high quality 2D, 3D milling. According to your drawings we process various materials: wood, plastics, foam, organic glass, advertising materials, etc. This is a great choice for original and exacting projects. CNC milling is suitable for both small and large projects.


UV Print

Our technology allows us to offer high performance UV printing products. UV printing is done with the most advanced Handtop HT3020UV FR8 printer. It is an exceptional machine that allows projects to be executed accurately and as quickly as possible. With UV printing technology we can execute wide-profile orders and prints.


Cutting and creasing of cardboard

The ESKO Kongsberg X44 cutting board is widely used on the international market for a variety of cardboard advertising products. This is a material that easily surrounds your device. However, the list of materials that work effectively with the ESKO Kongsberg X44 is much broader.