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Briefly about us

The core value of Avisma Company Group is the long-term, open and reliable relationship with customers, suppliers and business partners. For the sake of these values, we are determined to answer all your questions and provide information on any project related to Led, materials for advertising production, and press services.
Why us?

Experienced team that will answer all your questions

Quality assurance in each project

Fast and always on time work execution

Constant company improvement and growth


What can we offer at the moment


CNC milling

2D, 3D milling. According to the drawings, we can handle a wide range of materials – wood, metal, plastics, foam, organic glass, advertising materials, etc.


Laser cutting and engraving

With lasers we can cut metal tin, organic glass, wood, plywood, MDF panels, paper and cardboard, fabrics, vinyl, plastics (except PVC).
Laser engraving is a guarantee of quality and durability, because the image or text will be extremely precise.


Formatted plastic cutting

We cut plastics of various sizes according to the dimensions given by horizontal and vertical format cutting machines.



Print plotting, lamination and fonation.


The range of products are constantly updated


LED modules

LED modules for indoor and outdoor advertisement.


LED strips

LED bars are not only a beautiful decorative element. It is economical and durable lighting that can be easily installed both indoors and outdoors.


Plastics for advertisement

Various kinds of technical plastics for industry, advertising and construction, as well as their products. PMMA, ACP, PVC, ROSS.


Power supplies

Power supplies for LED lighting.



Transparent and white glue to firm various elements.

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