About Us


We are a company of high quality CNC milling, UV printing and cardboard cutting/creasing

We are located in a convenient strategic location – a spacious building on the 7th kilometer of the Vilnius-Minsk highway, where we built a modern business center. Our core business is CNC milling, UV printing and cardboard cutting and creasing services. What sets us apart from the market is that we take our work seriously and responsibly, which can be seen in how quickly we respond to all questions and orders, our well prepared and clean working spaces, careful packaging of products and easy access even for heavy vehicles. We have been working in the market for many years and are therefore regarded as reliable and reputable partners. By cultivating such relationships, we offer our clients a complete work package from services to materials, as we have more than one material supply partner. Every order you make is important to us, so we pay close attention to every customer. We know that a satisfied customer is the best evaluation of a company, so we strive to find solutions for even the most complex projects.

CNC Milling

We provide CNC milling services with the Mecanumeric Pro 4050 vacuum milling machine, which we have three. With this equipment we can quickly and with best quality perform various milling operations and process a considerable amount of materials. All cnc machines are purchased new and brought straight from the manufacturer and we have a professional engineer in house that ensures that the equipment doesn’t fail and that customers do not suffer from the faults of machine.

UV print

Our equipment allows us to offer high performance UV printing products. UV printing is done with the most advanced Handtop HT3020UV FR8 printer. It is an exceptional machine that allows projects to be executed accurately and as quickly as possible. The main features of the technique: printing works are carried out on surfaces up to 3.05m x 2.05m wide and up to 100mm thick. We deliver 1200 * 1200 DPI resolution and print speeds of up to 54m² / h.

Cutting and creasing of cardboard

For such work we use ESKO Kongsberg machine – cutting table X44. ESKO is widely used in the international market for a variety of cardboard advertising products. Cardboard is perfect for ESKO equipment to work with. However, the list of materials with which the ESKO Kongsberg X44 works efficiently is much wider: wood, foam, various films, organic glass, PVC foam panels, coated materials, various plastic surfaces.