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We are a company always looking for new and innovative solutions to make our work more efficient and faster. Currently we can provide cnc milling services.

CNC milling

Organic glass (PMMA)
Polyvinyl chloride plates (PVC)
Aluminum Composite Panels (AKP)

Laser cutting and engraving

Organic glass (PMMA)
Wood products

Formatic plastic cutting

Various plastics cutting


Without film
Glossy / Matte film
With lamination without a film
With lamination and film
Printing plotting
With lamination, film and plotting
Press Fonation

UV Print

Possibility to print on hard and flexible surfaces. A wide range of applications in various fields. We can print various ornaments, images, text, which are distinguished in rich colors, bright detail, longevity.
We can print on surfaces with a width up to 3.05m x 2.05m and a thickness up to 100mm.
1200*1200 DPI high-quality print.
Print speed up to 54m²/hr to satisfy the hi-precision personalized manufacture requests.

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