Practical, cost efficient and comprehensive package that helps maintain high sanitation levels

Palclad Pro HYG Antibacterial Wall Cladding Solutions

PALCLAD™ Pro - modern wall solutions

We are pleased to introduce modern and easily adaptable PALCLAD™ Pro wall solutions from the manufacturer PALRAM. Global manufacturer of thermoplastic panels founded 50 years ago devloped the best solutions for premises with high sanitary standards.

PALCLAD™ Pro wall finish is a package of services enabling creation of exclusive interior design and assurance of top quality. The manufacturer offers not only its developed materials but also recommendations on their proper adaptation in your project.

The key property of this solution is that the wall finish material is antibacterial. It is made of silver ions, which guarantees cleanliness of the surface at all times. It was discovered during the examination that 99.9 percent of bacteria that get into contact with the surface of this finish material immediately die. Therefore, it is an excellent solution for health care premises, laboratories, gyms, etc

PALCLAD™ Pro solution is most frequently used in the following businesses:

Public Facilities

  • Schools
  • Rest rooms
  • Airports
  • Public transportation

Food Industry

  • Food plants
  • Food preparation areas
  • Sorting halls
  • Storage/refrigeration rooms


  • Hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Retirement homes
  • Pharmaceutical factories


  • Livestock and dairies
  • Egg sorting halls
  • Storage rooms
  • Refrigeration facilities

After numerous tests and examinations, today PALCLAD™ Pro wall finish solutions are introduced as the most modern and reliable option on the market

Why is this solution worth choosing?

  1. A wide range of colours and hues
  2. 10 years’ warranty by the manufacturer
  3. Easy and simple mounting of panels
  4. UV printing can be used on finish
  5. Manufacturer provides with all necessary fastening materials
  6. Washable antibacterial low-maintenance finish
  7. Competitive price that cannot be offered by specialists offering usual wall painting works

Looking for reliable and durable solution for premises with high hygienic requirements? PALCLAD™ Pro is the best choice for long life.

PALCLAD Pro Technical Data

Standard Panel Dimensions

Width x Length, mm Thickness, mm Surface
1220 x 2440 2 Glossy/Hair Cell
1500 x 3000 2.5 Glossy/Glossy

*Galima įsigyti įvairių matmenų, atsižvelgiant į minimalų užsakymo kiekį.


HYG panels are self-extinguishing and comply with the most demanding international fire resistance standards defined in the field of plastics, as indicated by representative results in the attached table.

Type Standard Classification


EN 13501

BS 476/7


B, s3, d0

Class 0

Class A

PALCLADTM Pro LS (Low Smoke) EN 13501 B, s2, d0

Resistance to Chemicals

All of the PALCLAD Pro system parts have excellent resistance to wide range of chemicals.

PALCLAD Pro Project Gallery

Hospitals, recreational & public facilities, decorative cladding, food preparation premises, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, sanitation

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