These are high-quality three-layer composite panels consisting of a solid white PVC surface on both sides and an inner foam polystyrene filler. The panels are extremely light and rigid with a protective film on both sides. It is characterized by robustness, easy processing and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Prices are in table!

Technical information

Manufacturer/BrandSheet FormatThickness, mmColorPrice m² without VAT Eur
Palram Palboard1220x30003 mmWhite11.05 €
Palram Palboard1500x40003 mmWhite11.05 €
Palram Palboard1500x40005 mmWhite16.25 €
RS-Panel one-sided2000x300010 mmWhite8.90 €
RS-Panel double-sided2000x300010 mmWhite9.90 €
RS-Panel double-sided2000x300040 mmWhite17.80 €