Foam sheets – ROSS PVC

The easy-to-process, soft surface ROSS PVC foam sheets are a contemporary and reliable choice when customers are looking for advertisement materials.

Our customers often choose these types of sheets when they are looking to create advertisement without light sources. The ROSS PVC sheet is extremely resistant to different weather conditions and is light-proof, making it ideal for applications in a variety of outdoor signboards, stands and showcases.

Prices are in table!

Technical information

Manufacturer/BrandSheet FormatThickness, mmDensityColorPrice m² without VAT Eur
RS-Foam2030x30503 mm0.62 g/cm³White5.10 €
RS-Presto2030x30503 mm0.62 g/cm³White5.10 €
RS-Foam2030x30504 mm0.62 g/cm³White6.40 €
RS-Foam2030x30505 mm0.62 g/cm³White7.70 €