Foam sheets – PALRAM PVC

These panels are a very popular choice if you are looking for the best materials for outdoor advertisements. The PVC foam panels have extremely fine pores, and are easily applicable in the production of billboards, signboards, partition walls or showcases.

This material is extremely versatile in terms of shaping, enabling us to produce highly original advertisement elements. The foam panels are extremely durable and do not alter when exposed to environmental factors; therefore, they are useful to apply not only for indoor, but also for outdoor advertisement products.

These panels are characterised by a long service life and are one of the most popular choices of our customers.

Prices are in tables!

Technical information

Standard Sizes

Manufacturer/BrandSheet FormatThickness, mmDensity ColorPrice m² without VAT Eur
Palram Palight2030x30501 mm0.58 g/cm³White3.64 €
Palram Palfoam2030x30502 mm0.56 g/cm³White4.16 €
Palram Palfoam2030x30503 mm0.56 g/cm³White4.42 €
Palram Palfoam LW2030x30504 mm0.56 g/cm³White5.85 €
Palram Palfoam2030x30505 mm0.56 g/cm³White7.28 €
Palram Palfoam LW2030x30505 mm0.56 g/cm³White7.28 €
Palram Palight2030x30506 mm0.58 g/cm³White8.45 €
Palram Palfoam2030x30506 mm0.56 g/cm³White8.45 €
Palram Palfoam2030x30508 mm0.56 g/cm³White11.70 €
Palram Palfoam LW2030x305010 mm0.56 g/cm³White14.17 €
Palram Palfoam2030x305010 mm0.56 g/cm³White14.17 €
Palram Palight1560x305013 mm0.58 g/cm³White18.20 €
Palram Palight2030x305019 mm0.56 g/cm³White32.50 €