Small pores PVC foam panels, which are perfect for construction, advertising, appliance manufacturing, exhibition stands, shop windows, wall fronts. The panels are robust and easy to use, have a smooth surface and are resistant to atmospheric factors. Perfectly formed by vacuum. It is not recommended to use where the illuminating sections are up to 5 mm, because light will be missed.

Prices are in tables!

Technical information

Standard Sizes

Manufacturer/BrandSheet FormatThickness, mmDensity ColorPrice m² without VAT Eur
Palram Palight2030x30501 mm0.58 g/cm³White3.64 €
Palram Palfoam2030x30502 mm0.56 g/cm³White4.16 €
Palram Palfoam2030x30503 mm0.56 g/cm³White4.42 €
Palram Palfoam LW2030x30504 mm0.56 g/cm³White5.85 €
Palram Palfoam2030x30505 mm0.56 g/cm³White7.28 €
Palram Palfoam LW2030x30505 mm0.56 g/cm³White7.28 €
Palram Palight2030x30506 mm0.58 g/cm³White8.45 €
Palram Palfoam2030x30506 mm0.56 g/cm³White8.45 €
Palram Palfoam2030x30508 mm0.56 g/cm³White11.70 €
Palram Palfoam LW2030x305010 mm0.56 g/cm³White14.17 €
Palram Palfoam2030x305010 mm0.56 g/cm³White14.17 €
Palram Palight1560x305013 mm0.58 g/cm³White18.20 €
Palram Palight2030x305019 mm0.56 g/cm³White32.50 €