MECANUMERIC is a manufacturer of industrial, dental and educational machine tools based in the south of France, in Albi. In Lithuania, the company is best known as a manufacturer of milling machines in the advertising industry. MECANUMERIC stands out for a very high-quality services and reliability. This is one of the few manufacturers in the world, who has mastered all the technologies required for design, production, and installation as well as for the maintenance and support of CNC machine tools. Professional services remain even if it is an unconventional, custom order or an order of a different form such as work with water currents, laser or ultrasonic machining.


In representing this company, we aim to provide a faster service of significantly higher quality and provide maintenance services for that equipment. We want to simplify purchases of desired machine tools and other products, to tell about everything what needs to be known before buying, and about what is worth to be paid attention to.

We have a unique opportunity to demonstrate alive how the CNC machine tools of this manufacturer operate. In order to ensure that every customer is completely sure in his decision, we will provide even more machine tools of this manufacturer to test.

In near future, we plan to open a CNC milling machine tool school, where our specialists will be able to train on the specifics of the operation of the machine tools, to share their experiences, highlight the most important aspects, to teach how to prepare files, and more.

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