In order to meet the highest quality standards and to expand our list of the services and products we provide to our clients, we have supplemented our catalogue with ORACAL film products. These are some of the best films on the market, which are perfectly suited for long-term advertising projects both indoors and outside.

ORACAL films are the best choice when you are looking for high quality advertisement solutions for outdoor posters, stickers, showcases or illuminated outdoor advertisements. These extremely weather-resistant materials are also useful in the manufacturing of long-lasting stickers for vehicles, glass, plastic and other surfaces.

Why is it worth choosing ORACAL films?

  • Long-term solution. Primarily, ORACAL products are valued for their long-term service life. The manufacturer provides a 3-10 year warranty for these products. This is a clear statement that the manufacturers place a high priority on the highest quality and the best results.
  • Wide choice. ORACAL offers different films that are easy to apply in different projects. Soon AVISMA product catalogue will contain 5 different types of ORACAL films. Among them, there are films for the manufacturing of stickers, stained glass, economical films and other kinds of films. Each of them can be useful in implementing different types of projects. Our consultants will help you to choose the best solution for your idea.
  • Range of colors. Depending on the type of film you need, our catalogue will allow you to choose a product from a wide range of colours. The manufacturer offers films in colours that can range from 30 to 100 different shades.
  • Resistance. The main focus of the ORACAL manufacturer is on quality. Therefore, all of the films are resistant to environmental factors and UV rays, and are made of durable adhesives and PVC.
  • Highest quality. ORACAL is a world-renowned brand that is regarded as a high quality manufacturer in all areas of the market. In Lithuania, they are the most popular manufacturer of a selection of colored outdoor advertisement materials.

Are you looking for the best solution for your outdoor advertising project? Do you want your advertisement to be visible and not needed to be updated on an annual basis? Then, contact our consultants and we will help you to choose the product that best suits your expectations. At present, you can already find ORACAL 641M and 641G films in our catalogue.

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