We want to deliver great news to all our customers and partners – from now on, we also provide UV print services. It is a technology, which allows the implementation of a wide range of projects for designers, furniture manufacturers and the advertising industry. We provide not only the UV service, but also all the necessary materials for your project. In our warehouse, we always have organic glass PMMA, ROSS PVC and PALRAM PVC foam panels, PVC plates, as well as aluminium composite ACP panels. Looking for high-quality UV print services? Contact us now, and we will minister quick, high-quality and professional print.


UV print is a modern solution to your ideas. UV print opens up a wide range of printing options. With UV print technology, we can implement a wide range profile orders and prints. Therefore, this is the best choice for non-traditional and original projects. We can offer UV print solutions on both hard and flexible surfaces. We print on wood, glass, plastic, acrylic, leather, stickers, artificial stone and other surfaces.

When Is It Worth Choosing UV Print?

    • Speed. This is the biggest advantage in modern society. We are glad and can ensure you that we can start printing works in a few minutes after receiving a working file.
    • Quality. The unique exclusive feature of UV print is the highest quality, precise lines and shades of printing products. This is the most accurate print method of today.
    • Strength. UV print products remain of good appearance for a long time. They are resistant to rubbing, mechanical damage and even environmental exposure.
    • Versatility. UV print is the best solution for both large and small orders.  We can print a wide variety of products from your working file on the surface you desire.

Modern Solutions For Contemporary Projects

We strive to ensure that the order result would exceed the expectations of our customers; therefore, we are constantly updating our technical department. Our latest purchase is a modern UV printer. UV print is performed using the most modern printer Handtop HT3020UV FR8. It is an exceptional device, which allows the projects to be implemented precisely and as quickly as possible. Printer speed – 54 sq. m per hour. This means that even the orders of large volume can be executed in a timely and appropriate manner. This printer ensures precise and bright lines as well as high quality colour resolution.

UV printerio galerija

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