All year round, our customers ask about the highest quality and most durable materials for outdoor and indoor advertisements. Therefore, we are pleased to offer some new products featured in our product assortment: PVC foam sheets from the ONGROPACK manufacturer.

What’s new?

These PVC sheets have newly arrived, featuring a high quality material that will allow you to create original advertisements in various forms. This is a very popular choice for outdoor advertising elements, which must be resistant to environmental factors. The distinctive feature of these foam sheets is their extra-white color that lasts for a long time. This means that you can be assured of a clean, long-lasting advertisement.


However, colour is not the only advantage of ONGROPACK. In the global market, this manufacturer is appreciated as one of the best manufacturers of advertising materials.

  • Easy to use. In our catalogue, you can find ONGROPACK PVC sheets, which are classified by the manufacturer as “Easy to use”. This means that these foam sheets are even more modern, and easier to cut and shape. Therefore, you can easily create advertisements of non-standard forms, as well as their various elements.
  • Impermeable to light. For advertisements with a light source, it is best to choose the lightweight and handy ONGROPACK PVC sheets that are impermeable to sunlight and artificial light.
  • Flameproof. Customers looking for the best solution for outdoor advertisements with illumination should choose high quality PVC foam sheets that are heat-resistant and flameproof.
  • Lightweight. The main advantage of PVC foam is its lightweight characteristic, especially when you are looking for solutions for an indoor advertisement. The advertisement elements that are made of this material are easy to attach, and to replace as needed.
  • Handy printing surface. Very often, customers are looking for materials to manufacture products that will be easy to use for signboards, but at the same time, will also be easy to decorate with graphic elements. ONGROPACK foam sheets are perfect for such orders, because they are especially suitable for UV printing. From now on, your advertisements can be not only bright and reliable, but also expressive!

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