Our catalogue has recently been supplemented with modern and reliable light sources from MEAN WELL. The name of this brand is well-regarded on the market, which ensures the highest quality guarantee. You can choose between different series of power sources for both outdoor and indoor advertisements that are tailored to various advertising elements.

MEAN WELL is the 5th largest manufacturer of power supplies in the world. All of the products are provided with a warranty ranging from 2 to 7 years. Therefore, we are certain that we can find the best solution for a power supply, even when creating the most original advertisements.

  • Luminous posters
  • Illuminated signboards
  • Volumetric letters
  • Light boxes
  • Pylons
  • Outdoor advertising elements
  • Indoor advertising elements

Currently, we offer our customers the following MEAN WELL product series: APV, LPH, LPV, PWM and HLG.

These are products are easy to combine with each other to achieve the best result. We are also ready to offer advice for those who have not yet made up their mind. We are prepared to listen to your vision and will help you choose the best solutions for your project.

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