Our newest addition is ESKO cutting table Kongsberg X44

From now on, we are able to offer post-print services involving the processing of the highest quality materials

We have become an official representative of Mecanumeric in the Baltic countries

Palclad Pro HYG Antibacterial Wall Cladding Solutions


Avisma – Professionals in their field

Materials for Advertisement, CNC Milling, UV Print, Wide Format Print, Led Modules, Power Supplies 

Briefly about us

High quality and memorable advertising is what creates the brand identity for your business. It does not matter whether it is outdoor advertising, a luminous line or a small leaflet – each message that you send out must be bright, professional and of a high quality. We are here so that you will not get lost in the labyrinths of advertising. Avisma is a team of professionals who can take care of your advertisement production process, provide the necessary services and materials for you.

100% responsibility

We guarantee the highest quality and timely delivery of the project. All projects are considered  completed only after clients approval.

Best equipment

We work with professional-level equipment, so that all the jobs are carried out quicker and with highest quality.

Quality products

Our products are from well known top-level suppliers whose products are used all over the world.

Expert team

Our employees are  specialists in their field that can help you select the right materials and tools for your project implementation and give tips for the future.

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