About Avisma

About us

From LED modules to materials for advertising production

The core value of Avisma Company Group is the long-term, open and reliable relationship with customers, suppliers and business partners.

Having long-term experience, we can safely say that we are well aware of the prevailing market trends and offer our customers not only high-quality service, but also advanced lighting technologies, as well as prominent manufacturers such as 3M, Mean Well, Weiss, General Electric, NC Led products. We are always ready to listen, assist and advise our current and future customers.


The highest quality of each product or project


Manufacturer-approved warranty for all products

Wide range of services

The number of services is steadily increasing

Our experienced team will answer any of your questions and help you cope with the hardest task.

Every project and every client is important to us.

We are a company always looking for new and innovative solutions to make our work more efficient and faster

We can provide CNC milling, laser cutting and engraving, formatic plastic cuttingprint and UV print services.

We are constantly updating our range of products and presenting plenty of new ones.

From us you can buy led modules, led strips, power supplies, various materials for the production of  advertising and glue to reinforce these materials.

We know our field

LED modules100%
Laser cutting90%
Plastic cutting95%
Satisfied customer100%

You are a specialist and your head is full of ideas?

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